Cocohol is now accredited as IATA sales agent w.e.f. 1st Dec 2008.      You can now contact us for Airlines ticket booking also.      Cocohol caters to both domestic and international tourists and offers the most economical packages.      Tour packages are the best gifts to surprise your partner.      Cocohol introduces online hotel booking.      Cocohol is 100% about Kerala, and India.

  About Us

Cocohol is a private limited company, promoting tourism internationally. The organisation was set up with three primary missions.

1) India is emerging as one of the most attractive holiday destination in the world. With a growing economy there is renewed interest in India and tourists are flocking in large numbers to enjoy what the country has to offer. This country has everything to offer including rich history, balmy climate and well developed tourist destinations. Within India, Kerala has already emerged as one of the popular destination for domestic and international tourists. Kerala offers clean beaches, deep dense forests, enchanting hill stations and a unique network of backwaters. Cocohol was set up with a mission to promote tourism to India as a region with its continued focus on Kerala.

2) With the growing economy there is increased pressure on people because of work related expectations and modern day living. Concept of taking holidays is witnessing an unprecedented growth in India. Cocoholís aim is to promote holidaying amongst Indians by offering standard and tailor-made packages to domestic and international destinations. Tourgenius was set up a division to cater to international destinations.

3) Large scale programs like corporate meetings, board meeting, visioning seminars, exhibitions and conferences are organized to share ideas and bring together customers. Cocohol has extended its service to cater to the exclusive needs for Corporates and institutions. Organizations are also investing in rewarding employees through incentive packages. Cocohol offers wide range of services to corporate world through its Cocobiz scheme.

The organisation was founded by partners who have extensive experience in the field of tourism. Cocohol offers attractive, exciting and economical tour packages to both domestic and international customers while maintaining some of the highest standards of service in the industry. Cocohol also offers tailor made packages to suit the individual needs of customers. With its continued focus on Kerala, Cocohol has over time extended its holiday packages and solutions to key national and international destinations.

Operating Model

  • The company has forged alliances with leading travel operators to offer niche and specific packages. Standard packages are devised based on research and feedback from past visitors.

  • Cocohol interfaces with local tour operators, hotels and travel agencies to provide economical tour packages. We use only limited number of best of class hotels, which provide good service.

  • Systems are defined as per ISO 9000 and all the tour packages are meticulously planned so that customer's have a comfortable experience. Cocohol also has committed service levels agreements for queries and other customer requests. Operations are computerized and Internet enabled to provide speedy response.

  • Cocohol has consultants from major countries across the world (Europe, USA, Asia Pacific and Africa) to understand the specific geographic needs of travelers.

What Cocohol means to Customers

  • Economical packages that provide an authentic experience of the place
  • Best of class hotels providing excellent service

  • Addressing personal needs of Customers.

Since its inception, Cocohol is fast emerging as one of the leading travel marketers in India by offering innovative and exciting packages in domestic and international locations. Thousands of travelers have already experienced the unique packages and services offered by the organisation.

Future for us

Travel and holidaying is the largest and fastest growing business internationally and Cocohol will continue to develop and build its brand and business on a global scale through building innovative holiday solutions. We will continue to work closely with an increasing number of new partners whilst rapidly expanding the number of affiliates who link to our website and opening new offices. We would leverage the excellent reputation that we have established to spread to new markets worldwide.

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