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    Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which is the best time of the year to visit Kerala?

    August to March is the best time to visit Kerala. April to August is a good time to visit for Ayurvedic treatments. Being a non-peak season you have the option of getting good deals on packages during this timeframe.Domestic tourists travel more at this time as it falls during the summer holidays for schools. Frequently asked Questions

  2. What is the temperature range at different times of the year?
  3. The temperature ranges from 32-38 degrees in summer (March-June) and 28-32 degrees from July-February. Rains can be expected from May-August. We recommend casual clothes (preferably cotton) when you visit Kerala. Woolen clothing would be recommended if you are planning to visit hill stations.

  4. How safe is it travelling to Kerala?
  5. Kerala is an extremely safe place with no reported incidents ever. Kerala features as one of the safest states within India with local Government providing good support and safety for all the tourists.

  6. Is it a clean place?
  7. Frequently asked Questions

    Kerala is one of the cleanest states in India. Most of the resorts and holiday destinations are pollution free and away from the city.

  8. What kind of food can we expect?
  9. You can get vegetarian and non- vegetarian preparations cooked at different spice levels to suit all people. Other than Kerala Cuisine (available widely thorough restaurants), Chinese, Thai, Mexican, Italian, North Indian and continental are available widely throughout Kerala.Seafood prepared in Kerala style is popular among tourists.

  10. How clean are the beaches?
  11. Frequently asked Questions

    Beaches at Kerala are some of the cleanest in the world as Government and local authorities take care to keep it neat and clean. Throughout Kerala, beaches are white and sandy.

  12. Are the Ayurvedic treatments done in a hygienic environment?
  13. We would recommend that you go to Government authorized Ayurvedic centres for massages and treatments. In these centres, professionals carry out treatments.

  14. Is it easy to get tickets to attend cultural programmes?
  15. If you indicate an interest, tickets can be booked and a seat reserved depending on the type of programme available at that time of year. Just to ensure that you get ticket, we recommend that you give us sufficient time to get the tickets blocked.Frequently asked Questions It is also possible to get tickets over the counter for most of the programmes.

    Additional FAQ for International Tourists

  16. Is it easy to obtain foreign exchange?
  17. Currency conversion is available at airports and almost all hotels.There are also a large number of money exchanges/banks all across the state from where foreign exchange can be obtained. We recommend that you convert a minimal amount at the point of arrival for incidental expenses and for immediate needs. Taxis, auto-rickshaws and other local transport facilities do not normally accept credit card.

  18. What kind of reception can we expect from the people?
  19. People are friendly and helpful. Large percentages speak English and Hindi, the official languages of India. You can easily strike an intelligent conversation with local people, as large percentages of people are well read and aware of national and international affairs. Some of them would be curious and would make an effort to strike a conversation with you.

  20. Can we bargain while shopping?
  21. In government outlets and shops selling branded goods, the prices are fixed. For items available on the roadside, bargaining is possible. It would be recommended that you take the help of local people to help you out with shopping and to understand the price range. Some of them would be more than willing to help you.

  22. How is the political environment?
  23. India is one of the largest democracies in the world. Elections are held every five years for both central and state governments. Kerala also holds elections every five years. Kerala and India have very stable political environment.

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