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    Kasargode - Kerala Tourist Spot

• Ranipuram   • Nityanandasramam   • Adoor

Kasargode forms the northern tip of Kerala. KasargodeThe characteristic feature of the place is its extremely simple people and their warm ways. Being industrially backward has left Kasargode blessed with unmatched serenity and an almost incessant supply of fresh air. The Anand Ashram and Nityananda Ashram at Kanhangad are the best place to visit to take some time off all worries as one is introduced to enlightening thoughts and philosophies of some celebrated sages and thinkers. The long palm fringed beaches and rocky headland topped by the huge Bekal Fort built between 1645 and 1660 is a marvelous sight and is rightfully the asset of Kasargode.

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Bekal 16 km south of Kasargode town

Bekal is today synonymous with the ancient fort that was built atop a hill by Tipu Sultan,Kasargode the ruler who was otherwise known as Mysore tiger. The compound that houses the ancient structure, whose aerial view resembles that of a keyhole, also accommodates an observation tower and a building that once stored artillery. Walking down the hill one comes to a beautiful beach. Serene evenings spent on the beach watching the massive fort and also the huge waves crack on the rocks that border one side of the coastal stretch is truly a relaxing experience.

About a kilometer from the Fort is a fabulous water park, the Bekal Hole Aqua Park . Here tourists can avail of water sport facilities like pedal boats and water cycles.

At close proximity is the Pallikere Beach and also an old mosque that was erected by Tipu Sultan.

Ranipuram - 80 kms away from Kasargode

Situated about 780 meters above sea level, this beautiful place is blessed with such a healthy and tranquil climate that it is comparable to any famous hill station in South India. The place is located on the Sahya Mountains and dense forests and grasslands thrive here which not only makes Ranipuram an ideal place to go trekking, but also presents visitors with ample chances to spot wild elephants.

Athapuram Temple 15 kms away from Kasargode

Athapuram is a relatively secluded place in Kasargode. It is famous mainly for two temples here. The best attraction here is the Anantha Padmanabha Swami temple . It is a brilliant rock cut temple bounded by water. There is a single bridge that connects the temple premises and the main temple. 

The other temple is dedicated to Lord Ganapathy. The beautiful structure is situated above a cave near the water that surrounds the Padmanabha temple. A vegetarian crocodile that lives in the pond is a muse as well for the visitors.

Valiyaparamba- 30 km from Bekal

This place is significant to the economy of the district. It is Kasargode's fishing center. Apart from this, Valiyaparamba of Kasargode is also comparable to Kumarakom and Allappuzha. Vast water bodies surround the serene islands that constitute Valiyaparamba. The four rivers which flow into that location make it an apt place to take off on a luxurious backwater cruise.

Kottencheri Hills

Kottencheri hills stand as tall as 3000 feet above the sea level and mark a definite Kerala- Karnataka border. Extensive verdant forests occupy most of the Kottencheri ranges. What makes it unique is that, among the usual plants and wildlife at Kottencheri one can also spot medicinal plants growing in abundance. Beyond the mountainside is a famous pilgrim center called 'Talakkaveri' that is as popular in Kerala as in Karnataka.


This is the more famous of the two ashrams/ monasteries/ mutts in Kasargode. Nityanandasramam is situated very close to the Housdurg taluk office, on a small hill. There is also a temple here, modeled in ancient Gujarathi architecture. The ashram's founder, Swami Nityananda who erected the temple had also constructed about 45 caves in the nearby mountain slope, these were believed to have been once individual cottages of the monastery.


This is another famous matt here, situated a few kilometers off Kanhangad railway station. It was founded by Swami Ramdas in 1939.

Chandragiri 3 kms south of Kasargode town

The most popular attraction here is the Chandragiri fort. This colossal structure situated on a hillock above the Chandragiri river dates back to the 17 th century and is hence of historical importance as well. The fort wall also encompasses a large square within.

The long beautiful bridge over the Chandragiri River and the boating facilities at the river are other attractions here.

Pandiyan Kallu


The place takes its name from a huge singular rock that rising in the sea near Trikkannadu. The rock has an interesting folklore behind it. Trikkannadu also has a beautiful ancient temple there that is well known for its sacred powers.


Nileswar was once ruled by great patrons of art ,it still continues as the cultural center of the district. The place has several famous temples there including the Mannampurathu Kavu and Anjootambalam Veerar Kavu. The grand festivals at these temples and the art forms performed at the podiums here attract tourists from far and wide.

The Archeological Department of the State has taken over sections of the Palace of Nileswar Rajas and there are many amazing displays put up there. The town is also a renowned yoga center. 

Adoor - 45 Kms east of Kasargode town

Adoor is famous for the ancient Siva temple. The structure lies there as a lovely example of ancient temple architecture and skilful craftsmanship.

Kaviankanam in Adoor is a thriving forest area with a number of clear streams cutting across the terrain. This secluded place is considered the abode of Lord Siva and his divine consort.

Posadigumpe - 30 kms north east of Kasargode

Posadigumpe refers to a hill near Kasargode, and the surrounding locality. Located about 1060 ft above sea level, Posadigumpe has a beautiful chill climate and a fresh air about it at all times.

Bela - 15 kms north of Kasargode

This place is well known for 'Our Lady of Sorrows' church built about 115years ago.

Edneer - 10 Kms north east of Kasargode

Edneer is considered an important seat of art and learning. The Mutt/ ashram at Edneer follow the teachings of the great philosopher and Saint Adi Sankaracharya.

The Beach Resort at Kanwathirtha, the Central Plantation Crops Research Institute at Kudlu  the Jain temples at Manjeswar, traditionally built Thazhekattu Manna at Trikaripur and the Muchilottu Kavu at Perne are the other splendid attractions of Kasargode.

Transport Facility

Air : Nearest airport is Mangalore in Karnataka State (about 50 km from Kasargode) and Karipur international airport, at Kozhikode (about 200 km from Kasargode).

Rail : Kasargode has its own railway station that is located on the Kozhikode-Mangalore-Mumbai route

Road : Kasargode is also well connected by roads to all major cities of the state.

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