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    Kollam - Kerala Tourist Spot

• Thirumullavaram Beach    • Sasthamcottah   • Ochira

Flanked by the Sahya Mountains at the eastern frontier and Arabian Sea at the west, KollamKollamdistrict has for long been associated with history. The Malayalam Era is based on the founding of Kollam in the 9th century. The revenue division of the ancient Travancore province, its later history is interwoven with the Portuguese, Dutch etc. The beauty of the place lies in the fact that it is renowned for not just a single aspect. The industrial center that is well known for its Titanium, mineral sands and china clay, is also the birthplace of legendary art form 'Ramanattam Kathakali'. The magnificent Cave temple at Kottukal, the Indo Norwegian Fisheries Community Project at Neendakara, the natural mineral water lake at Sasthakshertam, and the brilliant celebration during the festival of 'Ochirakali and 12 Vilakkukalum' at the Parama Brahma Temple are chief attractions of the district that offer it a charm of its own. Another fascination of Kollam that enthralled all who visited, including the U.S. Ambassdor, Robert Blackwill, is the cruise along the picturesque Ashtamudi Lake on House boats.

::::::::::: Places to see in and around :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Kollam Town - 71 kms north of Thiruvananthapuram

This headquarters of Kollam district was an important center of trade during the ancient days. It has astonishingly maintained the stand and continues to be a prosperous commercial center of Kerala. The historical importance of the place also stems from the fact that the township was designed and built by Syrians, and is one of the instances of foreign influence on Kerala.

Thirumullavaram Beach - 5 kms west from Kollams

The most famous of the beaches is the Thirumullavaram beach. With clear water and friendly waves, the sea along the sandy expanse is perfect for swimming and bathing. There is also a resort, complete with all facilities and amenities.

Mahatma Gandhi Beach - 2 kms from the town

This is another ideal tourist getaway. There is also a park just next to the beach. A glimpse of the setting sun as you relax on the golden sand here, marks the beginning of a splendid evening.

Paravur Beach - 13 kms south of Kollam

This is another well known beach in Kollam. Another notable feature of this spot is that Paravur is connected with Kollam town not only by road but also by rail, making it easily accessible to all.

Kochupilamoodu is yet another beach in this district.

Ashramam Picnic Village - 2 kms away from the town

Ashramam village is an ideal spot to relax especially with family and children. The well known picnic area encompasses a guest house complex and is also famous for the specially designed amusement park and the unique traffic park. The Ashtamudi backwaters flows along the park, adding to the scenic splendor. Visitors can also make the most of the various kinds of boats like luxury cruise boats, power boats and motor boats, that can be hired from the jetty.

Sasthamcottah - 19 kms from Kollam town

Sasthamcottah earns much of its fame from the Sasthamcottah lake, the biggest fresh water lake in Kerala. The lake and surroundings lined with array of lush coconut palms form a picturesque location. The charming village of Sathamcottah is also a health resorts. Exotic ayurveda treatment and special massages are available at some of the resorts, health centers and spas. It is also well known as a centre of pilgrimage.

Thangassery - 5 kms away from the Kollam town

This particular place in Kollam could well be considered an antique showroom. Many of the buildings and most of the churches here are monuments dating back to the 18th century and bear testimony of ancient architecture. A 144ft high colossal lighthouse erected in 1902 is the most famous attraction here. There are also remains of magnificent forts that were built during colonialization and used by foreigners.

Krishnapuram Palace Museum

The Krishnapuram Palace is one of the monuments that can rightfully be called the pride of Kerala. The building has been carefully restored to give visitors the feel of how it looked during the early days. It is a fine example of Kerala Architecture. The palace gates are opened for visitors from 10am to 5pm IST everyday except Mondays.

Thenmala - 66 kms east of Kollam and 72 kms from Thiruvananthapuram

Thenmala literally translated as 'honey hills', is a small beautiful village at the foot of the sahyadri ranges. The thriving forests and the acres of rubber and tea plantations at Thenmala is home to myriads of plant and animal varieties. The 100 sq. km Shenduruney Wildlife Sanctuary here is well known as an ecotourism resource and is a beautiful place to visit and so is the open air Musical Dancing Fountain and the splendidly constructed Thenmala dam. There is even a Children's eco-park here. The place also produces the best quality honey. One can spend time with family at the tree top huts at the deer rehabilitation center and observe species like the Spotted deer, Sambar deer, Barking deer etc at close quarters . There are also ample opportunities to go on night camps and riverside trekking.

Alumkadavu - 23 kms from Kollam, two hours from Thiruvananthapuram

This is a beautiful backwater village whose early inhabitants were adept at constructing special boats called 'Kettuvallams'. These were huge vessels used to transport cargo rather than people. Kettuvallams today are modified versions of the old one. They are luxury houseboats fully furnished and complete with living and dining rooms, toilet and even balcony. Alumkadavu still continues to be a renowned boat-building center and is a perfect spot to observe the construction of these special boats and also to take off on a beautiful backwater cruise.

Palaruvi - 75 kms from Kollam

This famous location sports a breathtakingly beautiful waterfall. The marvelous sight of gallons of clear gushing water down great heights compels one to agree that there could be no better name than palaruvi or stream of milk. Dense evergreen forest, cradle of the magnificent falls. Palaruvi is a popular picnic spot, a few minutes under the cascade is an exhilarating experience and could even prove to be medically advantageous.

Ochira - 34 kms north of Kollam

Ochira Kollam is a celebrated center of pilgrimage. Of the many places of worship here, the most famous one is the Parabrahma temple.What sets this temple apart is that it is a place dedicated for Universal Consciousness rather than to a particular deity.

Ochira is also a popular spot to witness the splendor of Kalaripayattu, Kerala's very own martial art form. The sight of trained men armed with swords and shields, showcasing their well honed skills standing in knee-deep water, is a sight worth witnessing.


Thazhava is a small village in the Oachria block. This place is famous for its mat making industry. People here are adept at preparing mats that are specifically from the leaves of screw-pine, and also in making variety articles using these mats. There is also an archeologically important spot called Maruthookulangara. It was from Pallikkulam, a tank there, that an ancient idol of the Buddhawas excavated.

Mannarssala - 15 kms north of Krishnapuram Palace, and 32 kms before Alappuzha

Mannarssala has a sacred place among those who believe in the powers of Nagaraja or the serpent king. It is also faintly mentioned in the great epic, the Mahabharata.. The temple here is one of the most revered sites for snake worship in Kerala. Some families even today worship the snake god and perform special rituals for them.

The temple complex encompasses many shrines, each built in typical Kerala style; and there are numerous skillfully crafted idols of different snakes, the snake king and his queen.

The annual festival in the month of Thulam (October/ November), the related preparation and grand celebrations all present a vibrant picture. The majestic processions, the offerings and special prayers are feast for the eye. There is also 'vedikketu' or fireworks that add to the life and vividness of the festivity.

Transport Facility

Air : Nearest Airport: Thiruvananthapuram (71 kms from Kollam).

Rail : Kollam has a railway station of its own and it is an important railhead of the Southern Railways.

Road : An excellent road network links Kollam to all major towns and cities in Kerala.

Ferry services : The ferry station is adjacent to the central bus station (3 kms from the railway station).

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