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    Kozhikode - Kerala Tourist Spot

• Beypore    • Lokanarkavu    • Houseboats

Kozhikode was once the capital of the powerful Zamorin Dynasty. Its historically importance also stems from the fact that it was in the port here that Vaso-da-Gama landed in 1498. KozhikodeOnce a prominent trade and commerce center of British Malabar, Kozhikode today greets visitors with its ancient monuments, lush green country sides, serene beaches, historic sites, rivers, a unique culture and a warm, friendly ambience that make it a much sought after destination. On a trip to Beypore, a prominent port and fishing harbours of ancient Kerala, one can witness first hand the making of Uru (the Arabian trading vessel). The district also prides itself (Kallai) on being the World's second timber trading center. The many museums and galleries house wide collection of tools and devices used by the ancient tribal communities of Kerala, ancient mural paintings, antique bronzes, old coins, souvenirs and models of monuments. Kakkayam, Thusharagiri and Vellari Mala all with their picturesque locations and thriving wildlife are ideal spots for picnicking as well as trekking. The visits to the dams, the bird sanctuaries, and the waterfalls etch a memorable picture of this beautiful district.

::::::::::: Places to see in and around :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Krishna Menon Museum - 5 kms by bus from the Railway station / city bus station

This famous Museum dedicated to one of the political leaders of Kerala has many valuable pieces on display. Many of the items here speak volumes about ancient Kerala, its history and folklore. This museum is in East Hill.

Beach - 1.5 kms from the city

The pride of the city is the long serene stretch of sandy beach. The more popular section of the beach is lined with a particular kind of pine tree that makes it a much-preferred hang out even in summer and early afternoons. The area is also studded with many carts that sell groundnuts and other snacks. The several ice cream parlours near by and adjacent Lions Park makes Calicut beach a favorite spot to spend an evening with family. Partly into the sea and partly on sand stay two 125 years old sea piers that were once extensively used as tracks for cranes. There is another much calmer expanse of the beach towards 'Kaampuram' side. Numerous fishermen's huts line the beach and one can spot many traditionally built rowing boats on the sandy stretch.

Beypore - 11 kms from the city, off Kallayi road

This was once an extremely busy trade and maritime centre of Kerala. Beypore is famous even today for the shipyard there that is adept at constructing special sea vessels called 'Uru'. This is a kind of Arabian vessel, the kind that has been in use for about 1500 years. At Beypore, this huge trading vessel is skillfully hand built from planks of wood.

Another magnificent thing to see in Beypore is the dexterously constructed 'breakwater' at Pulimoodu. It is a few kilometers long path that goes into the sea. It was built to provide aid for the landing of ships. Now it has become a popular tourist spot as well.

Kappad - 16 kms from the city

There would probably be no place in Kerala, which is historically more important than Kappad. This is the soil where the Portuguese navigator Vasco da Gama landed centuries ago, creating a new trade route to India and to the Land of Spices. KozhikodeA stone structure in the shape of an obelisk marks the specific spot. It was in Kappad that the beginning to an interesting series of historical events was laid.

There is also an ancient temple on the rocks that border the Kappakkadavu beach. From Kappad one can also take off on relaxing cruises along the picturesque Korappuzha and connected backwaters in North Kerala

Tourists can choose between five star accommodation of the Beach resorts, or a cozy stay as paying guests at one of the many houses by the beach.

Vadakara about 48 kms from Kozhikode

Vadakara, is a popular Kerala town with its own characteristic features and tradition. It was an important trade center of ancient times and also the birthplace of a celebrated legendary family. Owing to the latter, the place is also well known for ballads called Vadakkanpaattukal, most of which are sung in praise of the Kadathanadu family and it's most famous member Thacholi Othenan, who was a great martial arts hero.


The beautiful Lokanarkavu temple at Vadakara, (5 kms from Vadakara) is a spot worth a visit. This complex accommodates three temples- with Durga, Vishnu and Shiva as the deities; and has many beautiful sculptures. The Kaavu (temple) is also famous for the marvelous etchings and murals it houses as well as the rock cut caves in its premises. The temple also earns fame from the fact that Thacholi Othenan used to frequent the place and offer his prayers there.

Pooram, the annual festival at Lokanarkaavu, is a grand and detailed celebration that lasts one week. During this and other festivals, one would get to watch a characteristic folk dance, Thacholikali, that resembles Kerala's very own martial art form.

Thusharagiri water falls - about 50 kms from Kozhikode

The place earns all its fame from the breathtaking beautiful waterfalls- a sight that transports you to a new world. Two streams that originate in the mighty Western ghats fork out as three separate falls that converge at Thusharagiri and gush down great heights to create a magnificent sight and a lovely experience for visitors.

In the backdrop of the thick forest, lush rubber and areca-nut plantations there is a crocodile farm and two dams as well. A long trek along the waterfall, passing by exotic wildlife, presents itself as an irresistible offer for trekkers.

Peruvannamuzhi- 60 kms from Calicut city

This one comparatively small area has a lot to offer. There is a dam site and water purification center here. Boating facilities are also available. Particularly interesting are the crocodile farm and the bird sanctuary here.

Kakkayam - 78 kms from Calicut city

Kakkayam is well known for the splendidly constructed dam in the area. There is also a magnificent Oorakuzhi waterfall that could be a treat to the eye and a professional camera alike.

Dolphin's Point - 2 kms from Calicut town centre

This is probably the singular spot in the whole state where one might chance upon a few playful dolphins. Here one can see in the early hours of the morning dolphins playing in the sea. Quite nearby is the famous "Thikoti" light house .

Malabar House Boats

Backwaters are in everyway an asset to this state and a relaxing cruise in a houseboat along Kozhikodethe lazy waters is an experience that most tourists would not miss. Though there are other places famous for backwater cruises, a luxury cruise on the comparatively untouched backwaters of Kozhikode , is a distinct experience. It was here that the new House Boats of Kerala were first fully built. The best place to take off on the cruise is from Purakkattiri, close to Purakkattiri Bridge on Ullery - Perambra road 10 kms away from Kozhikode .

Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary- 25 kms from Kozhikode

The Kadalundi bird sanctuary is a paradise for ornithologist, especially from the months December to April. It is the much preferred home for migratory birds like Terns, Gulls, Herons, Sand pipers, Whimbrels etc.

Other Attractions

Another major attraction in the district is at Kakkadam Poyil . The tumultuous waterfall and clear, cool streams transcends visitors to a peaceful mood. The place is easily accessible via bus from Calicut to Valanthod or Koyilpara.

For those looking for some information amidst all the adventure and sightseeing, the Science Planetarium at Jaffarkhan Colony is the best place to be. There are three shows everyday. There is also a science museum in the building complex.

Transport Facility

Air : Nearest airport Karipur (23 kms from Kozhikode town). Daily flights to and from Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore and the Middle East .

Rail : Kozhikode has its own railway station that is linked to all the major cities and tourist centers in India .

Road: Well connected to all major cities and tourist centers in India .

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